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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Photo Share: Young Prince

Photo and video by Alicia Johnson Brewer from Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Do you recognize this homely, patchy bird? Some would say he has the face only a mother could love. Cardinals are such beautiful adult birds that it seems only fair that when they are growing up they look like they are wearing ragged clothes covered in ashes. But in a few more weeks his big boy feathers will make him look like a prince among the backyard birds!

Thank you to Alicia Johnson Brewer of Chapel Hill, North Carolina for sharing this precious moment. "Here's a video I took of a juvenile, male Northern Cardinal that you are welcome to use if you choose. 🙂 BTW he is enjoying NoMess LM from our Wild Birds Unlimited XL Seed Tube Feeder with 12" tray." https://chapelhill.wbu.com/ 
https://juvenile cardinal feeding himself

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