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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cheep Trick: Lansing Woodpecker in Luck with Quick Thinking Birdwatcher!

Because I work at either the East Lansing, MI Wild Birds Unlimited bird food stores every day you would think I would never run out of bird seed. Au contrair, mon ami? I forget to bring home seed and suet constantly.

Yesterday when I saw Momma and baby Downy Woodpecker at an empty feeder I could have kicked myself for forgetting to bring home suet again! Instead I took a slice of bread and spread some all natural crunchy peanut butter on one side and slipped it in the suet feeder. Voila! Everybody is happy. I can watch the birds have dinner while I eat mine and my blood pressure comes down.
If you don't have a suet feeder you could also spread a fork full of peanut butter on tree bark and see what birds you attract. Lots of birds like peanuts because it is a food that is high in protein and fat. In fact peanut butter suet and suet dough are our two most popular suets with the birds.
To see what else I've fed my birds click HERE to see an earlier blog I wrote on creating less waste in the kitchen. And I will bring home suet tonight!

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