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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm working in a maze of boxes!

Who gets all their holiday shopping done before Thanksgiving? Apparently a lot of Wild Birds Unlimited customers. I've been swamped with people buying gifts today! It's Tuesday so our seed came in this morning too. I've been going back and forth between unloading seed and unboxing the truck loads of really neat stuff and helping customers.

For everyone looking for seed cylinders, the wait is over. I'm unpacking them right now along with our traditional seed wreaths. I also ordered seed angels and seed balls and seed pine cones and so much more. I'm slowly dismantling a maze of boxes created by the laughing FedEx and UPS drivers. The cats are doing everything to help. NOT! They think it's a new jungle gym and are dancing through the bubble wrap and empty boxes.

So if you're looking for gifts I'm sure we can help. More stuff arrives every day but people seem to be shopping early this year so come in quick if you want first choice of everything. Now back to work...

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