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Saturday, April 17, 2010

40th Anniversary of Earth Day

Don't forget to check out the Harris Nature Center's page on ww.twp.meridian.mi.us for a complete list of programs offered!

Celebrate Earth Week by coming to the Earth Day Birthday Campfire program on Friday, April 23rd at 7 pm. Enjoy a campfire, stories, roasting marshmallows and a guided night walk. The fee for this program is $2/person or $5/family.

If you have any questions or would like more information on these or any of our programs, please email at kadams@meridian.mi.us or call at 517-349-3866.

Fenner Nature Center also has Earth Day Activities Sunday, April 18th 12:00 to 4:00pm
Join the Fenner staff, MSU Forestry Club and Fisheries and Wildlife Club take us on hikes throughout the afternoon to learn about all the animals and plants at Fenner.

12:30pm – Aquatic Sampling: Join an MSU Fish and Wildlife student investigating Fenner’s 3 ponds.
1:00pm – Fenner’s Invasives: Take a walk through the Fenner property to find out how several invasive species are making an impact on the native species of the park.
2:00pm – Herp Hike Hiking with someone with a trained eye, for reptiles and amphibians, you will learn what kind of habitats these animals like and where we can find them on a spring day.
2:30pm – Tree ID Join in this walk and learn about the trees at Fenner and how to identify based on leaves, bark, buds and more!
3:00pm – Birding: Find out about the lifestyle of birds and how they depend on the habitats at Fenner. Event is free with no need to register.

Fenner Nature Center
2020 E Mt Hope, Lansing, Mi
Earth Day, April 22, is the annual U.S. celebration of the environment and a time to assess the work still needed to protect the natural gifts of our planet.
EcoTough®: Good for the Birds. Great for the Earth.
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Recycled Plastic Hopper Feeders are our most popular box style feeders. These feeders have the classic look of wood but they won't crack, fade or rot and have a lifetime guarantee.
The unique curved design on the side of our WBU hopper feeders is for an easy view of the birds and has been standard for over 17 years.
.Other features include:
-Easy to fill by lifting the roof and pouring the seed
-It can be hung or pole mounted.
-A removable seed tray allows for easy cleaning and dry seed
-Made from recycled milk jugs
-Popular with a variety of seed eating birds especially cardinals
-Lifetime Guarantee
-Made in the USA
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