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Friday, July 16, 2010

Daddy and Baby Red-Breasted Grosbeak

I started keeping a Life List one year ago when I bought my iPhone and installed iBird Explorer Pro (an expensive app at $29.99). Since then, I've identified 32 species of birds, 27 of which I sighted in my front yard. A few of the species were victims of a large picture glass window, but thankfully there were no fatalities. To ameliorate the window crashes I have since installed decorations to make the glass more visible, which has helped greatly.
Now that I have identified the majority of the feeder birds, it's rare to see new species. But I was amazed yesterday to see a male Red-breasted Grosbeak feeding at the seed dish, and even more amazed when I saw his offspring perched at an adjacent birdbath. And even MORE amazed when I saw the dad feeding his son mouthfuls of seed. I quickly grabbed my camera and shot about 150 images which resulted in what you see here.
So keep your eyes open and a camera nearby. Because you never know what you'll see!

Thank you very much for sharing. You captured some great moments! I'm so glad you had a camera ready. Please feel free to share with us at any time.

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