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Friday, July 23, 2010

Submit a Photo to the Blog

A family of 5 yes 5 has come calling and they are beautiful. ~Stephen Boskin

This is a fabulous shot, and the bird is gorgeous! Do you want us to use the photo for Friday Photo this week?

I would be thrilled if you would post it on your blog. I have not put it up on my website as yet, http://www.stephenboskinphotography.com/. I do have some birds on the web as well as other things.
Can you tell us the background story of the hawk?
I live in an area of Los Angeles that was once bean fields. Housing was developed in 1951. Many Sycamore and Magnolia trees and an occasional California Redwood still exist.
I have had many types of finches, Jays, Phoebes Etc. visit our small backyard. My next door neighbor said she saw Hawks mating in her Redwood tree either late may or early June.
We have seen three Juvenile Hawks as well as the parents daily. I would love to get a shot of multiple Hawks, if so I will forward it to you.
I forgot to mention that we have seen the Hawks working in tandem to corner baby squirrels and you know the rest. I do believe that they normally hunt as individuals.

Thank you so much for sharing! For more info on Cooper's Hawks go to: University of Michigan Museum of Zoology. http://animaldiversity.ummz.umich.edu/site/accounts/information/Accipiter_cooperii.html

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