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Monday, September 20, 2010

Time is Flying!

Two years ago today I started to blog. I just felt the need to answer some common questions people were asking about over the phone or in person at the Wild Birds Unlimited stores.

Recently Blogger has added a statistics page and I thought I’d share some of the numbers about the Wild Birds Unlimited Mid-Michigan blog.

-Over 800 posts in 2 years
-Over 100,000 visits to the blog
-25% of blog readers live within 50 miles of Lansing, MI
-75% live in the US, Canada, UK, Japan, India, Australia, Philippines, South Korea, Germany, and the Netherlands in that order.
-Some of my most popular posts have nothing to do with birds

My posts focus mainly on local nature and I was very surprised to look back and see what people were reading.

Ten most popular posts:
10.How many species of squirrels are in Michigan?
9.  How Can Owls Fly Silently?
7.  Types of bird bills
6.  Why do geese fly in a V formation?
5.  How can I get rid of the hawk in my yard?
4.  What birds eat apples?
3.  A Very Tiny Hummingbird (Moth)?
2.  Sounds of Summer: Michigan Cicada
1. Found! New squirrel species discovered. I still can’t understand why my little April Fools post is so popular.

Some of my favorite posts were by Guest Bloggers:
- Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards Squirrels: Guest Blogger from WBU Redmond, WA
- BEWARE: If you come into the store you may catch it! (video from WBU Pleasant Hill, CA)
- One lucky duck!: Guest Blogger from WBU Springboro, OH
- Everyone Eats in My World: Gary Fortcher from WBU Oakdale, NY
- Bring Your Bird to Work Day!
- Guest Blogger Chuck: Rare Bird Sighting

My all time favorite posts are about my cats; not appropriate for a bird blog but very important to me:
- The Trials of Living in a Bird Store

Thanks for your participation in this blog and keep sending in the questions and photos.

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