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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What can I feed Blue Jays?

Do bluejays eat mangos? ~ Pine Lake, Georgia

Blue Jays eat fruit, nuts, berries, seeds, and suet. Mangoes aren’t a native fruit but jays are curious birds and they would probably take a taste.

I do know that if you offered a buffet, their first choice would be peanuts in the shell. I use the peanut wreaths or tray feeders to hold the whole peanuts. Just remember you should fill them only when you’re there to watch because a party of blue jays can empty a feeder in less than an hour. But boy, during that hour it’s like watching a blue tornado.

The blue jays usually send out scouts to alert the band when food is available. One benefit of all that noisy calling is that it alerts other birds too, that there is food in the area.
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