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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wild Birds Unlimited mid-Michigan blog anniversary

Three years ago today I started to blog. I just felt the need to answer some common questions people were asking over the phone or in person at the Wild Birds Unlimited stores. 

I'm still answering questions, now more than ever. When I started to Facebook and Twitter in January, the blog's readership grew like crazy!

According to Blogger's statistics page of the Wild Birds Unlimited Mid-Michigan blog:

-I've had more visits this year than the last two years combined.
-There have been over 200,000 visits to the blog
-82% of the readers live in the US, and the 18% live in other countries.
-32% of blog readers live in Michigan

My posts focus mainly on local nature and I was very surprised to look back and see what people were reading.

Top 5 most read posts from Sept 2010 to 2011 are:

1.What Should Be My Next Feeder?: http://bit.ly/nkaKJb
2. Where do you hang a bat house?: http://bit.ly/nAoNpQ
3. Squirrel proof bird feeder reviews: http://bit.ly/nuDZ86
4. Fun Facts About Bald Eagles: http://bit.ly/pMTSrQ
5. Close-up of Baltimore Oriole: http://bit.ly/pX4kwM

I appreciate all the questions and kind feedback. If you need information or would like to share a story or photo you can email me at bloubird@gmail.com. I answer emails as soon as I can and then post my responses in the blog eventually. I try to space the posts out evenly over the month. 

Or you can come in to the stores. I'm usually at the Wild Birds Unlimited stores in East Lansing, Michigan

It's never a bother to answer questions. At Wild Birds Unlimited, we strive to offer the best customer service, top quality seed, feeders, and information to make sure you have the best backyard bird feeding experience possible. 

Thank you for supporting our local business,

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