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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What do American Robins eat in the winter?

Do robins get and eat immature pecans from a pecan tree?  Thanks! ~ James

Robins do eat immature pecans as well as lots of other foods in the fall and winter. After nesting season has ended, Robins usually form large nomadic groups that roost at night in the woods. Their diet changes from mostly worms and insects to fruit, nuts and berries. I was watching a group last night devouring our crab apples, Mountain Ash tree berries, tiny flowering pear tree fruit and under my feeders looking for peanuts and pecans.

What robins eat can vary according to location too. But all Robins eat pecans, walnuts, acorns, apples, cherries, and dogwood fruit from trees and the berries of poison ivy, poison oak bayberries, blackberries, blueberries, greenbrier, honeysuckle, juneberries, juniper, madrone, mountain ash, mulberry, pokeberry, pyracantha, raspberry, sassafras, serviceberry, spiceberry, sumac, viburnum, and woodbine.

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momsclub said...

Amazing Posts...momsclubofmoodus.org

Donna Frasca ♋ said...

I saw them strip by holly bushes in 5 minutes one winter. Very impressive to watch.

Wild Birds Unlimited Mid-Michigan said...

After their long absence, it was nice to hear the solid chirp, chirp, chirp of the robins for a little bit while they gobbled berries and waded in the pond. They sure do have a presence.

Thanks for the comments! Sarah

Anonymous said...

I have been shocked to see one snatching up peanuts (in the shell!) from where I put them out for squirrels and Stellar Jays. Researched & found they will eat nuts and peanuts in the fall & winter. Who knew! Astonishing.


Anonymous said...

I have a pet robin . I've had the bird about three years. She eats teelve grain bread, dried mealy worms, grapes and just about any fruit I give her. She truly is a blessing to me I'm disabled and she is wonderful company for me!

Anonymous said...

I recently rescued a hatchling robin when its entire nest fell from a tree in my yard. He is the sole survivor of what would have been a clutch of four. He has lived to be two weeks old now and I am introducing him to as big a variety of insects and fruits that I can manage. He has surprised me with how well he has been able to flutter already! I'm hoping to release him when I know he can forage and fly, and hopefully I will have a friend who will recognize me and visit me in the future.

Anonymous said...

We just saw about 10 robins this morning out under our crabapple tree. We have never seen them this early in the year. They were nice and plump and looked like they were having a great time. Usually about March is when we see them here.

Anonymous said...

Came to your website as we have a lone robin trying to feed off the suet droppings from our bird feeder. We didn't know what to give it to eat but we do now. We mixed up some blueberries, apples and walnuts for him and he's eating! Had a huge flock eat all the crabapples from 2 trees in our yard several months ago. What a blast!

Anonymous said...

I have some leftover cranberries from Christmas, will the Robins eat them?