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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cute Cardinal Feeder

We just received a shipment of some darling little hopper feeders that are good for beginning birdwatchers or for people that have a spot for a good small feeder. The double perch system makes them perfect to feed cardinals or tiny finches.

Made in the USA, these well designed feeders have curved sides to view birds easily, heavy plexi-glass lens on four sides to view the seed level, and thick wood construction to last for years.

You can fill with any seed. If you have a problem with too many blackbirds and squirrels you can fill the feeder with Safflower seed to attract the cardinals and finches but deter undesirables.

Advantages of the Mini Wild Birds Unlimited Hopper Feeder
• High-quality wood/plexi-glass construction
• Holds 1.25lbs of Safflower seed
• Little birds like chickadees, nuthatches, goldfinches feed close
• Extra perch farther away allows larger cardinals and woodpeckers to feed comfortably
• Easy to hang and fill and clean
• Roof stained classic green or stylish red
• Makes a great gift or starter feeder
• Is made in America and lasts for years
• It is really, really cute!

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