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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Does Wild Birds Unlimited carry bat houses?

Wild Birds Unlimited East Lansing, Michigan has some really nice functional bat, songbird, duck, owl, woodpecker and squirrel houses made out of cedar. They are not only made in America but are actually made in Michigan.

Bat boxes should be hung at least 15’ above the ground-- the higher, the better and houses mounted 20’ away from trees are inhabited twice as quickly as those in wooded areas. Research also shows that they are more successful if they have at least 8 hours of sun. The morning sun is most important.
In northern areas the top third of the house can be painted brown or black with a latex water base paint to aid in warming the box. In southern parts of the country, the boxes can be painted latex water base white, if there is too much direct sun.
Bats in house

In the spring, males and females form small groups and look for nursing sites. Wild Birds Unlimited - East Lansing has triple chamber bat houses for nursing mommas and the single chamber houses for the bachelor boys. Most young are born from late May through early July, and are usually capable of flight within 21 days.

There are nine species of bats in Michigan that feed on a variety of moths, flies, beetles and other insects at night. Under normal conditions they can capture 600 to 1,000 mosquito-sized insects per hour.

The little brown bat is the most common and gentle bat found throughout Michigan and is the most seen species. They are a light brown bat with a wingspan of about 10 inches. And spring is the time the colonies of bat species look for homes in hot attics, under shingles and siding or in man made bat houses.

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