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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Chickadees at Night

What’s the best-selling hardcover book at Wild Birds Unlimited East Lansing this year? Surprise. It’s Chickadees At Night, a picture book for all ages by Michigan resident Bill O. Smith.

Bill O. Smith first fell in love with chickadees when he heard them singing on a cold winter morning. The idea of a book began with a simple question. Where do chickadees go at night? And then suddenly the words began to arrive: "With chickadee caps on chickadee heads/do they sleep eight across on chickadee beds?"

what do chickadees wear for pajamas?
This book is illustrated beautifully with paintings by Charles Murphy, and is sure to be a family heirloom! Each time you read it you'll see something new. This fun and thoughtful book takes you on an adventure. It sparks your imagination about what chickadees do before they go to bed and what they do at night. 

Chickadees At Night is meant for storytelling. The reader has as much fun as the listener. And I especially enjoy the last page which contains “Chickadee Nuggets,” a list of fun facts that are nice to know and share with others like "chickadees actually use at least fifteen calls to talk to each other about such concerns as danger, territory, and food supply. 

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