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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Robins with white patches

I came across a robin with white patches and was hoping you could tell me if it has leucism or albinism; or neither.
Young robins 2-6 weeks old have brown backs, dark brown cheeks outlined in white and a white breast speckled with black splotches. As they grow older the speckles disappear and they grow to look more like their parents with an orange breast.

The earth coloring and camouflage markings disguise babies from predators. When American Robins first leave the nest at two weeks old, they can't fly. If they are scared or want to avoid detection, they squat in on the ground with their head up. And they blend right in with their environment.

Their parents feed them at first and teach them gradually how to hop, sleep on sheltered branches at night, forage for food, and learn how to fly. If you watch longer, you'll probably see an adult robin nearby supervising the situation.

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1 comment:

Kevin RIckabaugh said...

Thankyou.. you answer our question. And the picture helps we have 10 of these in our back yard. They must be getting ready to head south.