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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Watch and listen for Baby Goldfinches

While most birds have finished nesting and some are flying south, 
the goldfinches are just starting to nest.

American Goldfinches build nests from the end of July to September in the fork of a deciduous shrub or tree. They delay the start of their nesting behavior until the thistles and other flowers come into bloom so they can anticipate an abundant and reliable supply of seeds for their young.

So now is the time to make sure your Wild Birds Unlimited finch feeder is clean and filled with fresh Nyjer® (thistle) seed to welcome the finches to your backyard refuge. Click HERE to read more about the best finch feeder and how to attract more finches to your yard.

This is my favorite time of year. It's a joy to see a flock of goldfinches raining down to the feeder or dancing in the flowers in search of seeds. And the happiest sound in the late summer is the call of baby goldfinches!
Every morning I wake up to the tinkling tune of baby goldfinches. They look similar to the female or a goldfinch in winter colors and their baby call reminds me of a squeaky dog toy. "♪ High, low...♪ high, low, low."

I know that they'll soon have it all figured out including a grown up song and I'll miss their little "Ma me...Da de de" in the morning.

American Goldfinches are in mid-Michigan all winter, so if they find your feeder now you can enjoy these sunny sounding birds even during the bleakest winter months. To watch a little video of the finches eating No-Mess Blend at the Squirrel Buster Squirrel-proof feeder click HERE.

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