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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Squirrels: Put a stop to the seed theft

I adore squirrels almost as much as the birds. I have a particular gray squirrel that I've been watching lately that has a real unique personality. He and his friends share a fly-through feeder with the Blue-Jays and Northern Cardinals right outside my window. I limit the seed in this feeder so it really acts as a treat time for them and entertainment for me.

My other seed feeder is the Brome Squirrel-Buster Plus. No squirrels have ever been able to crack the code and get the seed from that feeder. I’ve always been pleased with its performance and was never tempted to get another feeder until I saw the Squirrel Solutions™ Seed Saver 200.

Did I need a new feeder, not really, but this one called to me. However I sold the first batch of feeders right out of the shipping box, even the one I had set aside for myself. I ordered a double batch for the next week at the Wild Birds Unlimited - East Lansing store. They are still selling very quickly but I did get one for myself.

*          The leaf design squirrel-proof feeder looks beautiful in the yard
*          Weight-activated design locks out thieving squirrels, saving seed
*          Powder-coated steel cage prevents chewing
*          UV stabilized polycarbonate inner seed tube doesn’t yellow with age
*          Holds 6.5 quarts of seed

The squirrel resistant weight-activated port shields on the Squirrel Solutions™ Seed Saver 200 locks out thieving squirrels, but lets birds eat in peace! The outer steel cage with beautiful leaf emblem drops down over all 6 feeding ports at once when squirrels climb on the feeder. Only you can open the locked top with the push of a button for easy filling. And the screw on the bottom allows you to dismantle the feeder easily for cleaning without any tools.

I am super pleased with my purchase! It took a few days to get all the perches filled at once but now after a couple months it is attracting a wide variety of beautiful birds.

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