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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Unique gifts for someone that has everything

Wild Birds Unlimited - East Lansing has a widest selection of feeders, hangers, fresh seed, houses, and baths for bird watchers to choose from in mid-Michigan.

Give a hobby for the holiday
The delight of seeing so many active and energetic birds at your feeders makes feeding the birds a real joy during this time of the year.

That joy is available to everyone. By providing just a few simple things, such as fresh foods, clean water and shelter, the birds in your yard will bring you many hours of happiness and fulfillment.

Fall is a great time to watch the different types of birds at your feeders. Woodpeckers are busy eating mouthfuls of suet. Juncos hurriedly scour the ground for millet. Finches squabble at the finch feeder. Jays steal peanuts raucously and nuthatches and chickadees horde sunflower seeds industriously. New faces pop up every day. Some staying all winter and some just taking a much needed break on the way to their final stop further south.

Bird feeding is a fun and educational hobby, and this is the season to share it with everyone. With the holidays fast approaching you should stop by the Wild Birds Unlimited store for answers to any wild bird questions. 

I'm unboxing a lot of new items every day, trying to find a some place to display everything. Besides the heated baths, feeders, and houses we also have lots of nature gifts available for your friends and family.

Stocking stuffers and hostess gifts
Are you going to a lot of parties and need something to offer the host or hostess as a thank you? Wild Birds Unlimited East Lansing has several neat books, bird ornaments, mugs, and other inexpensive pick up gifts.

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