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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Threats to bluebirds on golf courses

I"m doing a semester project about Eastern Bluebirds. I read that they tend to like golf courses and open fields a lot. My question is are there any threates in the area that would potentially destroy their habitat? Like a House Sparrow? 

Eastern bluebirds prefer to nest and forage in areas at the intersection of forest and field. Golf courses, with fairways and woods, are prime real estate for bluebird nests.

During breeding season Eastern Bluebirds are typically found in open habitats with scattered trees and shrubs. The trees provide cavities for shelter and the shrubs are good perches to hunt insects. During non-breeding season bluebirds are found in more wooded habitats because their diet switches to more fruits, nuts and berries and more trees provides greater protection from the harsh elements.

Bluebirds are secondary cavity nesters because they nest only in cavities that have been excavated first by another species. Historically, they nested in old woodpecker holes, but today they nest successfully in artificial nest boxes.

By placing nest boxes in areas where there is sufficient forest cover with undergrowth, you can significantly improve survival of fledgling bluebirds during their most vulnerable early weeks of independence.

Causes of mortality
Threats to the bluebirds include hawk or crow predation, window strikes, starvation, human disturbance, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides and intensive turf management. Sparrows tend to be more city birds. They like the shape of bluebird boxes but tend to ignore them the further away they are from human dwellings.

Read more at:
Reproductive success and developmental stability of eastern bluebirds on golf courses: evidence that golf courses can be productive

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