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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Michigan Robins in January

Me and my family were just was wondering why robins would be here in Michigan in January and even while we were experiencing arctic air!  My sister and brother-n-law saw over hundred in their yard, they came flying in and trying to eat off of the trees and ground around the trees where there was no snow. We usually do not see our first robin here until March! The snow and the temperatures have been bad here so I can’t imagine why they came here unless it was even worse up in Canada. We live in Southwestern lower Michigan in Buchanan. Any thoughts?

Some America Robins migrate but if you look at the range map you’ll see that there are winter populations of robins in most states year round. Robins are surprisingly hardy birds, capable of surviving temperatures well below zero. But that doesn’t mean sightings are common.

After nesting season has ended, they usually form large nomadic groups that roost at night in the woods. Their diet changes from mostly worms and insects to fruit, nuts and berries. I’ve seen them devouring our crab apples, Mountain Ash tree berries, and sometimes under my feeders looking for nuts.  

You can feed robins chopped apples, suet, mealworms, or nuts on a tray feeder. I like to put out a Wild Birds Unlimited Cranberry Fare seed block that is full of pecans and fruit when the robins visit.

They also appreciate open water in the winter. If you have a pond or heated birdbath they may show up for afternoon drinks.

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Anonymous said...

I saw a flock of robins in my backyard in DeWitt (Michigan)yesterday. I initially thought I was seeing things! I hope this is a sign of an early spring!