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Friday, January 10, 2014

Photo Share: Sandhill Crane in Michigan

We live in Saugatuck Township on Indian Point near the Kalamazoo River and marsh/bayou. In past years we have heard the Sandhill Cranes year-round. I thought they migrated south to Tennessee or something, but they've been year round here. So as usual we heard them a few times a couple of weeks ago. Then, since this Arctic Vortex and snow came in -- heard nothing. Are they dead, frozen in the bayou? Or did they somehow know to fly south?
Sandhill Crane migration is mobile. They are able to move from one place to another usually based on weather. Starting in October the cranes start to gather in large groups in preparation for their flight south.

If the winter is mild enough they can stay the whole winter in Michigan. But once the water freezes they move further south to Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky or all the way down to Florida.

I'm sure your cranes headed south before the storm. In March they'll come back to their breeding grounds to begin nesting.

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