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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Help your birds deal with their own March Madness

While you might be inside watching basketball games, outside birds are seeking food, mates and a place to rear their young. The weather is unpredictable as sunny, days can change quickly into cold, damp conditions that challenge birds' survival skills.

In March, birds' natural food supply is at its lowest point of the year. Insect populations are still low, and there are few remaining edible wild fruits, berries and seeds.

High-energy foods, like our No-Mess Blend contain sunflower seeds and nuts without the shell that are loaded with fat and protein. They're wonderful substitutes for the insects many birds would eat if they could find them. Suet and Seed Cylinders also provide the nutrition required to keep birds healthy.
Hopefully you have already cleaned out last year's birdhouses, but if you have some that need to be replaced or you just want to add to your housing collection, Wild Birds Unlimited has a wide selection functional bird houses to keep your birds happy.

And if the ground ever thaws you can set up a wonderful Advanced Pole System to replace any feeding stations that were ruined in the December ice storm.

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