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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Featherless Cardinal in spring

I read your article on bald Cardinals. I had a bald female Cardinal at my feeder this morning - April 23rd. I live in Mason, MI.  Would the bird have a mite problem being so early in the season?  You do a wonderful job and I love your store.

Poor bird! There are a lot of bald bird reports in the fall during their annual molt. Some birds will drop all their head feathers all at once instead of the normal staggered molt. After a few weeks the feathers grow back and the birds are fine.

Other causes of feather loss in birds:

- Mites, lice, bacteria, and fungal infections - Normally, the birds would pick off mites by preening, but birds cannot preen their own heads effectively. And foot scratching can actually make things worse! Once the mites have destroyed their food source on the birds' heads, they must either move on to a new bird or take a chance and venture lower on another area of their host's body. Keep your feeders clean and full of fresh seed and hopefully your bird will recover quickly.
- Hormonal imbalances - Sometimes a malfunctioning thyroid gland, ovaries, or testicles can result in feather picking. Blood tests or biopsies are needed to confirm that diagnosis. 
- Dietary deficiencies - A lack of protein, fatty acids, certain vitamins or minerals can result in feather loss and/or feather picking. Even though the bird is eating well it might not have the ability to utilize the nutrients in the food. 
- Injury-An injury or illness can prevent birds from preening properly. 
- Psychological problems - Over preening turned to feather plucking might be due to the stress after a shock.

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