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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Time to get your Hummingbird Feeders up!

Hello, I need help from a Wild Birds Unlimited expert! Here is my dilemma. I will be away from home May and June and all I can think of is my hummers. I normally begin feeding at the end of April. Will they die when I'm not there to feed them? Is there another source of diet for them apart from my sugar water? I have no idea what to do. Should I begin to feed them and then wean them off or not feed at all this summer? I would really appreciate hearing anything. Thank you! – Okemos, MI

There is no need to worry. Hummingbirds are very smart and do not rely on your feeder to survive. If you want to watch the hummingbirds up close in your yard, now is the time to find where you’ve stored your hummingbird feeders and fill them with fresh nectar. The hummingbirds have been sighted in mid-Michigan! If you have to leave for several weeks take your feeder down and let them find another source of food. There is no reason not to start feeding or wean them off. Birds do not depend on feeders to survive.

Nectar is not much more than sugar water. Throughout the day a hummer drinks more than its half its body weight in nectar. But they can't live on sugar alone, and the birds must supplement their carbohydrate-rich diet with daily helpings of insects to get necessary fats and amino acids that they aren't getting in nectar.

Besides feeders, hummingbirds drink nectar from a variety of flowers as well as sap from trees and eat a lot of insects and spiders. They are excellent hunters. (Sometimes I suggest throwing old fruit or banana peels near your hummingbird feeders to attract fruit flies for the hummers.) Hummingbirds can catch insects in flight, or pluck them from leaves, or catch spiders from their webs. While migrating, hummingbirds can follow behind Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers because these woodpeckers drill shallow wells into trees to release sap that lots of birds can drink. Sap also attracts and traps insects for birds.

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