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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Past time to put up hummingbird feeders

I hadn't put my hummingbird feeders out yet, everything was so late developing and every time I thought about it I got distracted...Well, what do you know, a beautiful male shows up at the feeder window telling me it is time!...How in the world do these creatures fly thousands of miles and return to the very yard that they found food and shelter the year before?...they amaze me! - Jack in Milford

Hummingbirds are truly one of the most fascinating groups of birds on the planet and it’s not too late to put up a feeder! Hummingbirds don’t need feeders to survive, but they might appreciate a reliable source of food with this cold spring we’ve been experiencing. Also these incredible little birds are fascinating to watch and a hummingbird feeder can bring them up close.

When they aren’t at the feeder, hummingbirds find nectar from a variety of flowers as well as sap from trees. Throughout the day a hummer drinks more than half its body weight in nectar. But that pointy hummingbird bill isn’t only for lapping nectar; it’s also made for snatching bugs out of the air. They use the flexible tip of their bill to capture insects and insect eggs from the ground and on plants. They love spiders and spider eggs.

During migration hummingbirds fly about 23 miles a day by themselves, not in flocks. Individual adult males get the urge to migrate first, followed soon after by the females. It is astonishing that a bird that weighs as little as a penny with the brain the size of a BB can travel thousands of miles all alone and end up in the right place every spring and fall since the last ice age. Banding studies show that each bird tends to return every year to the same place it hatched, even visiting the same feeders.

Only about 50% of all hummers survive their first year. Cold weather takes a toll on all hummer species because their high-energy requirements don’t allow them to go without food for long.

Thanks Sarah...We love all of our birds including the Hummingbirds, our feeders are out now and they are visiting.

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