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Thursday, June 19, 2014

What to do about too many blackbirds and squirrels

The Safflower Solution
If squirrels drive you nuts or blackbirds and starlings crowd your feeder, you might try the safflower solution.

Safflower is a small, white, bitter seed that is high in protein and fat. Many favorite backyard birds - including cardinals, chickadees, finches, doves, woodpeckers, titmice and nuthatches- savor safflower. Blackbirds, starlings, and squirrels typically refuse to eat safflower seed.
Start by offering safflower gradually, mixing it with the seed you currently use. Over time increase the amount of safflower until you are feeding straight safflower. The seed looks and tastes different from other bird seed, so it may take your birds some time to adjust.

But if you are overwhelmed by the arrival of hungry blackbird babies in late spring, switch to straight safflower seed. And remember that our spring rains, produce a favorable habitat for a lot of bugs. That is when you'll be thankful that these menacing birds eat a lot as they patrol your lawn for a variety of creepy crawlies and flying insects.  

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