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Monday, July 7, 2014

Photo Share: Summer Bird Activities

Female turkey snack time
Hi Sarah, We wanted to share some photos with you. Have you seen a turkey come up on the deck and eat out of the tray feeder? She just started doing this and sitting on the deck rail clucking away. I used my phone to get the picture. - Holly
Baby oriole

baby oriole and dad
Baby Downy woodpecker
Baby Downy
Eastern Phoebe babies
Eastern Phoebe babies growth in one day.
 I can’t tell without getting a ladder how many she has... looks like 5.
This is the third year the Phoebe has nested on the front porch we leave the nest for her.
I'm super jealous that your birds don't seem to mind posing for amazing photos. Those fluffy headed Phoebes are adorable! - Sarah