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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Feeders just for the Goldfinches

Finch feeders have very small feeding ports to control the flow of the teeny tiny Nyjer® (thistle) seed but still allow skinny-billed finches to extract a seed. There are two popular styles. One is a stabilized, polycarbonate tube that has a perches for the birds to stand on and pick a seed from a slit in a tube. The other is a mesh tube where the birds cling and pluck seeds from any open spot.

When choosing a finch feeder always look for something easy to fill and easy to clean. The Wild Birds Unlimited finch feeders in East Lansing, MI have Quick-Clean bases that makes maintenance a snap, a Lifetime Guarantee and are also made in the U.S.A. You can’t go wrong!
One problem people often mention when feeding finches Nyjer® (thistle) is the waste of seed below. Unfortunately as small as nyjer seeds are, the black part on the outside is merely the shell finches split open efficiently to extract the high fat, high protein oil within. So actually what looks like wasted seed is probably just lots of tiny shells. Fortunately this seed has been heat treat so that if one seed does escape a finch’s grasp it won’t sprout.

Another benefit to finch feeders is that the squirrels and larger birds will leave it alone. Goldfinches are the main bird attracted to straight Nyjer® (thistle). A few other birds attracted are House finches, chickadees, sparrows, siskins, doves, buntings, redpolls and juncos.

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