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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Photo Share: We're reaching the end of the story

This first photo was taken when they were 23 days old and still in the natal grove, moving from tree to tree, though not yet flying.

At 26 days they were flying for the first time, but still sticking close to home.  Here they had flown to the other side of the pond.  All four were sticking pretty close together.

Apparently all those pin feathers itch.

Kind of hard to look noble with a fuzzy head.

They're 33 days old now, and even though they fly at will and spend time hunting on their own, I'm surprised at how close they stick to their home territory.  They seem to enjoy sitting on the power lines and looking down at me, perhaps payback for all the times I invaded their home territory and took pictures of them.  Still a little fuzzy on top, or I could easily mistake them for their parents. 
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