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Friday, December 19, 2014

The cats are dog-tired!

Birder hosts a great Open House
The phrase dog-tired comes from an old English tale about the Anglo-Saxon king Alfred the Great. The story recounts how Alfred sent his sons out for a game chasing after hunting dogs. Whichever son caught the most dogs would win a place next to their father at the dinner table. The boys were described appropriately as coming home from the chase dog-tired.

Dolly just might be too tired to carry on...
December is the month with the highest number of customers coming in to the Wild Birds Unlimited store in East Lansing, MI. I send the cats out to chase after customers and they are exhausted. I just found Dolly tucked under her bed with the covers pulled over her head.

Eli Birder is trying to help out too. He had great fun at the Open House and has been trying to help Dolly out as much as possible.

JB's duty is the hardest. He has to keep me calm. I turn to him when I'm stressed and he tells me to sit down and cuddle.
JB listens to my heart: Keep Calm and Purr On
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