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Monday, February 16, 2015

#GBBC 2015 Halftime Report

GBBC 2015 Halftime Report

by Marshall Iliff, eBird/GBBC

February 15, 2015

We’re off to another great start this year, despite very trying winter weather conditions in some parts of the United States. (Currently -2° F, and -26° F with wind chill, here in Ithaca, N.Y.!) Thanks to all of you who have been out counting birds! The checklists are rolling in from around the globe and we’re hoping to surpass last year’s record Great Backyard Bird Count results.  Like many of us, Gary Mueller of Missouri and his birds have caught GBBC fever. See his great photo below!
Photo by Gary Mueller, Missouri, 2015 GBBC

As of mid-afternoon on Sunday, February 15, (eastern U.S. time zone) we have received checklists from 116 countries, including Australia, Kuwait, Iceland, India, South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Turkey, and many more. Below are the top 10 countries by numbers of checklists submitted along with their species tallies. Click on the country name to get the very latest totals in our “Explore a Region” tool.
Country  Number of Species   Number of Checklists 
United States 620 42,862
Canada 227 4,029
India 589 3,119
Australia 481 499
Mexico 516 140
Portugal 165 110
New Zealand 109 88
Serbia 77 72
Costa Rica 325 65
United Kingdom 119 53
Last year participants tallied more than 40% of the world’s bird species and we’re wondering if we might reach 50% this year. It will be quite a challenge, but there’s still time to get out there and add new species. Thanks for counting with us—let’s keep a good thing going!
Read more:  http://goo.gl/vY0moz

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