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Monday, April 6, 2015

A chipmunks mating song

Chipmunks usually have two breeding seasons. Depending on weather, the first season is from February to April and in some areas a second season is from June to August. During these periods, if the female chipmunk is ready to mate, she gives a series of calls known as chips. Male chipmunks gather in a female's territory and compete for the chance to impress the female. After mating the female chases the male away to bear and rear the young on her own.

After a month long pregnancy, the female bears a litter of two to five offspring in her nest burrow. She nurses the young for about two months before she takes them on foraging trips. The offspring are ready to leave the nest and find their own territories after they are taught by their mother to hunt for nuts, berries, fruits, grasses, fungi, snails, and insects in a six week survival course.

Chipmunks are fully grown after about 3 months and sexually mature the following year if they live that long. About half of all chipmunks in any given year are young that were born in that season. Chipmunks in the wild live, on average, just over one year.

They are an important food source for many animals including hawks, owls, falcons, foxes, snakes, cats and weasels.
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