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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Easy way to have clean feeders

Can you explain how your feeder wash service works?

http://lansingwbu.blogspot.com/2012/05/how-to-clean-hummingbird-feeders.htmlIt is super important to keep your feeders clean, especially in the spring and fall when so many birds are migrating through mid-Michigan. The stress can make birds vulnerable to disease. Wet weather can also produce mold and mildew which can be fatal to birds.

Wild Birds Unlimited in East Lansing can help you make keeping your feeder clean easy. We wash feeders year round. You bring your feeder in and pay $5.00. We will disassemble, soak, scrub, and reassemble your feeder and have it ready for you the next day we are open.

We use Scoot Bird Feeder cleaner, a powerful enzyme based formula, which cleans and disinfects soiled wood, metal, glass and plastic feeders.

Our bird feeder cleaning service is so popular that we have now started a new Bird Feeder Wash Card. You just prepay $20.00 and you will receive a card that is good for 5 washes. This will give you a savings of $5.00! 

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