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Sunday, June 28, 2015

When orioles leave Michigan

Do you still have your orioles coming to your window feeders? - Lansing
Baby oriole begs Daddy
Yes I have plenty of Baltimore Orioles feeding and Daddy brought up his babies last week! 
They usually hit my mid-Michigan feeder at the beginning of May with a big song and dance and leave me at the end of July. I have my jelly/nectar feeder on the window at the East Lansing Wild Birds Unlimited store and he'll sing right to the customers when he's happy and give me the look if I haven't had a chance to fill his jelly wells.

Baby trys out feeder on window
In June his visits are less frequent as he's busy incubating eggs and then sourcing out bugs for his babies. When I put out mealworms his visits increase again as he feeds regularly and takes some worms home. Then last week he brought up all his babies to feed right out side my window.

In July he becomes more secretive. As Baltimore Oriole babies become independent, parents begin their fall molt and are more susceptible to predators as they grow a new set of feathers. Peak migration is August and September but some begin going south as early as July if they are done nesting.

October through February most orioles hang out in the tropics. In March and April some orioles begin moving north again. On average, they probably travel about 150 miles each night in flocks, flying at about 20 miles per hour. If the weather is favorable, it will take an oriole about 2-3 weeks to complete his migration north to reach my window again by May.

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