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Thursday, July 23, 2015

More birds in Michigan than ever

I told you so…
Dolly knows birds
That is all Dolly has been telling me. She said we needed more seed at the Wild Birds Unlimited store and of course Dolly knows her birds. There are more birds in Michigan right now than any time of year. In the summer, even though there is a lot of food available for birds, their energy requirements are high because they must feed their young, grow a new set of feathers, and prepare to fly south or weather a harsh winter.

Blackbirds, Robins, starlings and many other bird families are finishing nesting and gathering in flocks. Behavior varies with different species of birds. Baby chickadees, titmice, woodpeckers and cardinals are dispersing from their natal territories and scouting out new, good winter homes. The young hook up with other young birds new to the area and join local adults to form winter flocks. Once settled in their new territory, most will remain in the same general area for the rest of their adult lives.
How an expert birdwatcher builds feeding stations!
So Dolly and I have discussed this and ordered more seed, suet, seed cylinders and mealworms. We are fully stocked at the Wild Birds Unlimited store with the best bird food and ready to make your yard a haven for the birds.

And thank you very much Holly, for sharing a photo of your Father's well thought out bird feeding stations! I am very impressed.

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