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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

How long before baby wren birds can fly

Will my wrens come back to my yard/ bird house after babies are raised? I saw them the day after they fledged and then didn't see them again! Where might they have gone? It was awesome to see the nest building, mating, babies etc. will they come back to our area in a couple weeks after babies are raised? Thank you, Kathy
They will be gone for about two weeks raising their young, and then they may
1. Return to start another batch 
2. Be done for the season
3. Have another batch in a new location
4. Or another wren family could move in
There are no guarantees.

Thanks so much for getting back to me! I never thought I'd get this attached to them! It was a great experience. I have one more question: how quickly do the babies learn to fly? Could they be flying after 3 days fledged? They were good size! Thanks so much! Kathy

Breeding occurs in late April to early May with the majority of nests started in mid to late May. Some females that start a nest early will sometimes make a second nest in late June to early July. Or if one of their nesting is disturbed they may try for another nest as late as August.

Babies fly the first day out of the box. When they hatch from their egg they are just blobs of small pink skin and bones about the size of your thumbnail. The young are completely helpless and depend on their parents, who both care for the young.

By day 15, they are almost fully feathered and capable of flight. They stretch and buzz their wings in the nest to build up muscles. All leave the nest within a few hours of each other. Once they are out of the nest they fly-hop around bushes and trees to build up their strength.

Their parents lead them to water and continue to feed them for couple more weeks. When autumn arrives, these tiny birds will begin heading south and spend the winter in the southern states and into Mexico.

Thank you Sarah; you've been so sweet and I appreciate all your help!
Sincerely, Kathy

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Anonymous said...

Great information. How long will the babies hop around on the ground before being able to fly to higher branches?

Anonymous said...

My babies fledged an hour ago and they're in the bushes now being quiet and still...i would think within 2-3 days or so they should be able to get up higher..i have placed mothballs around my bushes to keep stray cats out...and any other critter that may want to snoop around...