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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Olive-brown Eastern Wood-Pewee

Photos by Angie
Hi! I am trying to identify the bird in the attached picture. He perched on my butterfly bush out back and I’d never seen this kind before. Looking on the web, he seems to be a black Phoebe perhaps, but thought you might know for sure. Please take a look and see what you think. Thanks so much!-Angie - Monroe NC
The Cornell Lab has a new tool I think you'll find useful: http://merlin.allaboutbirds.org/photo-id-help/ Just upload your photo and they will ID most common birds.

They identified your photo as an Eastern wood pewee: The olive-brown Eastern Wood-Pewee is inconspicuous until it opens its bill and gives its unmistakable slurred call: pee-a-wee! During spring and fall migration, Eastern Wood-Pewees stop in a variety of habitats with trees and shrubs, including edges, clearings, primary forest, and secondary forest. They spend the winter in wooded, partially cleared, and shrubby habitats of northern South America and possibly Central America.

Eastern Phoebes have darker brown upperparts, without wingbars. Their underparts tend to be cleaner white, without a vested look. The bill is narrower and mostly dark.

Thanks so much for your help Sarah! I really appreciate it. And also thanks for the link to the bird ID tool, that looks great! Thanks again, and take care! -Angie

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