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Monday, October 19, 2015

Sparrow with fine streaks on its buffy chest

Photo by Kelly Colgan Azar - Member of the Flickr Bird Brigade Activists for birds and wildlife Description: Finally got a Lincoln's Sparrow without a twig in the way.

The middle of October normally signals an annual invasion of native sparrows in mid-Michigan as they migrate further south. Three well known visitors in the spring and fall are white-throated sparrows, white-crowned sparrows and dark-eyed juncos. Other common migrating sparrows through Michigan include the chipping sparrow, field sparrow, Savannah sparrow, fox sparrow, swamp sparrow, clay-colored sparrow, Vesper sparrow, lark sparrow, grasshopper sparrow and Lincoln's sparrow. Look for migrations days that follow northwest cold fronts, but never bother on days with winds anywhere out of the east.

Many species of Sparrows constitute a substantial percentage of the birds classified as short-distance migrants — birds that nest in vast boreal forest stretching across much of Canada and Alaska but winter no further than the southeastern US.

The Lincoln’s Sparrow, best identified by the fine streaks on its buffy chest, bears the name of Thomas Lincoln, a young companion of John J. Audubon on his voyage to Labrador, Canada. Throughout the breeding season, Lincoln’s Sparrows primarily eat arthropods including spiders and larvae and adult beetles, flies, butterflies, mayflies, and leafhoppers. During winter, their diet consists of small seeds and invertebrates and they will occasionally visit feeders.

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