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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The difference between a male and female blue jay

@birdsunlimited What's the difference between a male and female bluejay?

Side by side you might find the male Blue Jays are slightly larger than the females. Otherwise male and female Blue Jays appear almost identical in appearance to the casual human glance. However the feather structures of many species also reflect light in the ultraviolet range. Because many birds can discriminate a greater variety of colors than humans, including ultraviolet wavelengths, they can appear quite different to each other than they do to us. 
You can also observe their behavior, especially in February when courtship begins. Little groups form and if a female begins to fly, the males follow. After landing, the males bob their heads and fluff their feathers in attempts to impress the female.

Once a mate is chosen the male and female both gather materials and build the nest, but on average male does more gathering and female more building.

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