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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

East Lansing considering deer kill

Hi, This is Cheryl from Nottingham Nature Nook. I wondered if you would be willing to share the post I wrote today on deer on facebook and twitter? It is my understanding that East Lansing is still considering shooting deer in two areas of East Lansing and I believe people need to understand the social structure of deer, in order to make better decisions on their management. Thanks so much! Cheryl
From Nottingham Nature Nook Facebook
Many people do not realize the important social structure that exists between deer. Here at Nottingham Nature Nook, Mistletoe (a 2 year old doe) adopted our five fawns (Dash, Blue, Viceroy, Skipper and Mona) when they were released in the fall. 

This group became a family unit that remains together on a daily basis. Mistletoe guides these young deer on bedding sites, and shows them what natural vegetation provides the best digestibility and protein content. This group is also joined by Opal (a 3 year old Doe) and her 3 fawns from last spring as well as Yarrow and Tansy (2 year old does raised with Mistletoe). 

If either Mistletoe or Opal were killed this herd would face a traumatic change without the guidance of these does. By removing one deer you endanger the lives of all the others who depend upon them, and more importantly care for them.

You can write, call or email Mayor Mark Meadows about your concerns and opposition. East Lansing business and residents will have the greatest influence.
Address: 410 Abbot Road, East Lansing, MI 48823
Phone: (517) 319-6904 
Email:  mmeadows@cityofeastlansing.com

How you can help wildlife today:
The Nook is also having a Winter Wildlife Food Drive. Cheryl has raised, rehabilitated and released hundreds of birds and animals. During the winter months the wildlife released still need food in order to survive the cold weather. The Nook spends approximately $300.00 per week for food for both indoor and outdoor wildlife. All of the proceeds from this fundraiser will be used to purchase food through the end of March 2016.

You can donate through www.youcaring.com/ or the East Lansing Wild Birds Unlimited store will collect cash or checks for the Nottingham Nature Nook.

As a thank you, every person that donates personally at the Wild Bird Unlimited store in East Lansing by February 29, 2016 will receive a  FREEdSeed Heart.

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