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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hand blown glass hummingbird feeder

Parasol Hummingbird feeders are unique to many feeders on the market. They work hard to be environmentally friendly, while also being beautiful in design. They make the perfect gift for family and friends, and look fantastic in gardens, yards, and porches. Here are two of my favorite hummingbird feeders offered by Parasol.

Little Droplets a new feeder by Par-a-sol

Cute Droplets™ are perfect little hummingbird feeders for any garden. It holds 6-ounces of nectar, includes an "S" hook for hanging and hummingbird feeding information. The many colored designs are an adorable addition to your hummingbird feeder collection. The recycled glass has an opening with a vibrant red feeding flower from which the hummers feed. The top placement design of the flower prevents leaks and drips, so bees and wasps aren’t attracted to the feeder.

Parasol Pixie Hummingbird Feeders by Par-a-sol

Add a storybook look to your backyard with the Parasol Pixie Hummingbird Feeders. The enchanting feeder lends whimsy to your backyard with its rounded shape and two wing shapes extending from the back. It holds 4 ounces of nectar, and a red, glass feeding flower inserts into the neck. Made from recycled glass, this hand blown vessel and flower add environmental awareness to your garden along with style. Each Parasol Pixie Hummingbird Feeder is individually hand-blown and will vary slightly in size and shape, demonstrating the individual artisan-ship of the creator. Measures approximately 4-5/8" x 2-3/4" x 3-3/4" high*. 3 oz capacity.

* Artisanal hummingbird feeders made from hand-blown recycled glass
* Whimsical nectar feeder attracts hummingbirds and compliments
* Great gift at a great price for any hummingbird or wild bird lover

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