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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Photo Share: New faces at the bird feeders

Hi Sarah, Everyone appears to be a week early here for us;) The chipping sparrow’s were first sometime last week we have 4 running around at the bottom of the feeder. They are not afraid of humans much like the pine pine siskin’s. We still have a couple siskin’s as of yesterday. Song Sparrow came last week also.

I know Mark was in and told you we had 2 male Orioles come on Monday. I had the jelly and worms out just in case and they decided on both when they arrived. We are awaiting the rest of the Oriole gang. 

The Hummingbird showed up Monday evening in and out so quick I missed getting his picture, he must of been a traveler as I haven’t seen him back yet. Tuesday the white-crowned Sparrow and Wed the male Grosbeak arrived. Just wanted to share what we are seeing so far. The bluebirds have 2 eggs as of yesterday I expect to see a third today. Busy exciting spring. We say goodbye to our Juncos and most Siskins our Red Breasted Nuthatch and Welcome all our summer residents. -Holly
Thank you Holly for sharing your photos! If anyone else would like to share a photograph of nature send it to bloubird@gmail.com with a description and permission to post it on the Friday Photo.

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