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Friday, April 15, 2016

Photo Share: Worlds longest working cat

Senior store cat
"It was all a misunderstanding"

It isn't an official Guinness world record but JB has been to work every day for over 21 years. That has to be a record for the longest working cat!

Ms. Moon (today's excellent photographer and a loyal customer for all those years) likes to reminisce about the time when J was just starting out in his new position as store cat. According to Moon, he caused an uproar when he innocently wanted to take a break in the sun. Unfortunately the sun that day happened to be in the parking lot. As J likes to tell it, it was all just a misunderstanding blown way out of proportion.

Today his seniority has afforded him a position behind the counter with a heating pad, while Eli "Birder" holds down the back of the store.

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1 comment:

Linda said...

Such a beautiful cat! :)