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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Interesting facts about blue jays

From AllAboutBirds.com: The female Blue Jay incubates her eggs for two week while her mate provides all her food. Once the babies hatch the father continues to bring food the mom and now the nestlings food for another 8–12 days. Both parents share food gathering after this time, but male continues to provide more food than female.

The brood usually leaves the nest together usually when they are 17-21 days old. The jays usually are no farther than 75 feet from the nest by the end of the second day out of the nest. The young remain with and are fed by their parents for at least a month, and sometimes two months. At this time they might look lost, but it is best to just leave them alone.

If you see baby bird or a bird that is injured, before you do anything, CALL FOR ADVICE! Only licensed wildlife rehabilitators may possess abandoned or injured wildlife. A list of licensed rehabilitators can be found by visiting http://www.michigandnr.com/dlr/ or by calling your local DNR office. For a list of local numbers go to: http://baby-bird-now-what.html

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