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Monday, June 6, 2016

Orioles schedule

What are my orioles up to right now when they aren't at the feeders?

Baby oriole at the feeder
Baltimore Orioles breed once yearly from May until June. If they are experienced, they come in and begin nesting immediately. It takes about a week for them to build their amazing teardrop-shaped nest, however, bad weather or inexperience may push this as long as 15 days.  

So by the end of May most orioles will begin to lay their average clutch of 4 eggs. Next, the female incubates her eggs for twelve to fourteen days. If all goes well, by mid-June the babies will hatch. Both parents feed the nestlings for two more weeks. Their hungry mouths are fed about 13 times an hour from sunrise to sunset. Baltimore orioles eat caterpillars, other insects, some small fruits, and nectar. They are an important predator of the nuisance forest tent caterpillar, Malacosoma disstria.

Once the babies fledge from the nest around the end of June, adults may bring them up to your feeders full of fresh nectar,  BirdBerry™ Jelly, fruit, or mealworms. The babies’ first day discovery of the jelly is really a sight to be seen!

The babies will rely on their parents help for a couple more weeks until they become independent. Visits to the feeders may fluctuate in July as babies and adult grow new feathers and bulk up for their journey back south which could begin as early as the end of July.

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