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Monday, July 11, 2016

Goldfinch nesting habits

Raw Cotton Nesting Material
During July, long after most birds have completed nesting, the American Goldfinches are just beginning to nest for the first and only time of the year. They may have been absent from your feeders earlier when they were footloose and fancy free to eat grass or flower seeds. Now that they are tied down to one area to nest and once the babies fledge the numbers of birds hitting the feeders will multiply, literally! Make sure your feeders are clean and full of fresh birdseed.

You do not want to miss this exciting time of vibrant song and fascinating courtship behavior. A male establishes and marks his territory by warbling and flitting from perch to perch around his domain. He also circles and performs flying displays. First, a low flat flight, and then an exaggerated undulation and series of loops.

Goldfinch nesting coincides with the availability of plant down for nest construction and the abundant supply of their preferred food to feed their young. At the feeders they love to eat fresh, dry Nyjer® (thistle), and they also enjoy sunflower chips like we have in the No-mess blend.

Young goldfinches are dependent on their parents for at least three weeks after fledging. Their energetic begging, chasing and harassment of their parents for food at your feeders are truly some of the biggest payoffs of participating in the bird feeding hobby.

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