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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Medium sized blackbird with iridescent feathers

Photo via Wikimedia Commons
Brewer's Blackbirds look similar to the grackles and cowbirds. But Brewer's Blackbirds are smaller than Common Grackles, with shorter tails and a shorter, smaller bill and Brewers’ have a yellow eye instead of the Brown-headed Cowbirds’ dark eye.

They are a summer resident in Michigan but are not common. You may see them along roadsides looking for roadkill insects and weed seeds. You can also find them in other open habitats such as grasslands, riversides, meadows, as well as lawns, golf courses, and parks.

The males have iridescent black feathers that are shown off as they jerk their head back and forth when they walk. Audubon named the bird after Thomas Mayo Brewer, a friend and prominent oologist (someone that studies eggs).

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