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Thursday, July 14, 2016

What wrens do after they leave the nest

I wanted to know where my wren family went. The babies fledged and I heard and saw them with parents for 4 days and now they are nowhere to be seen or heard. Have they moved on to a different area and is it normal for them to do that? Could they by chance come back to my yard later? Thanks . I must say I miss them!

Your wrens are probably gone, but others still may find food in your yard.

When they hatch from their egg, wrens are just blobs of small pink skin and bones about the size of your thumbnail. The young are completely helpless and depend on their parents.

By day 15, they are almost fully feathered and capable of flight. They stretch and buzz their wings in the nest to build up muscles. All leave the nest within a few hours of each other.

Once baby wrens are out of the nest they fly-hop around bushes and trees, in the general area they hatched, to build up their strength. Their parents lead them to water and continue to feed them.

Gradually, the parents will take the young farther and farther from the nest site as they show them how to forage for food, water and shelter. Soon they are able to take care of themselves. Then the tight cohesive unit will disperse. Scientists aren’t sure what triggers the break, but the young take off suddenly in different directions.

When autumn arrives, these tiny birds will build up their fat reserves and begin heading south to spend the winter in the southern states and into Mexico. They don’t form migrating flocks like blackbirds and robins.
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