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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

High pitched chip bird call at night

Why am I hearing so many short chip calls in the pine trees at night? What bird is making the noise?

A bunch of short chip notes in the pines at dusk is probably coming from a flock of Northern Cardinals. This is a vulnerable time for a lot of birds as they transition from their old worn out feathers to brand new feathers that will last them another year.

At the end of summer and beginning of fall there are also a lot of transitions going on at the feeders. Some birds leave us, some birds join us, some birds will just pass through and some birds, like the cardinals, gather in flocks and determine their new winter territories.

By late summer, nesting is over and Northern Cardinals relax their defense of their territory boundaries. The birds sing less and flocks of cardinals begin to form. The Cardinals don’t migrate but can expand their range while foraging for food. Right now they are determining which yard to spend the winter. If you continue to offer fresh food in clean feeders, they will return all winter.

I like to call in the cardinals with the Wild Birds Unlimited No-mess blend and a Safflower cylinder. Wild Birds Unlimited also has a wide variety of other cardinal friendly feeders and food.
About 40% of adult cardinals die each year. Most die during the winter in February and March when food supplies are low. Death may not be due to starvation but a weakened immune system or being forced to search for food in more open areas where birds of prey and other predators can kill them.
The Northern Cardinal is often the first bird to visit a feeder in the morning and the last to stop by and grab a bite at night. The populations with access to a feeding station may be in better condition and more likely to survive the winter than cardinals without access. 
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