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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Ruby-throated hummingbird male

Ruby-throated hummingbirds are solitary. Males of this species are territorial, and they defend their territories using calls mostly. They have a fast, squeaky call to threaten each other. If calling doesn't work, the male may chase the other out of his territory. He may even dive at the new male, and try to strike him with his feet or his bill.

Immature hummingbirds also tend to be more vocal, calling out when distressed. And they have to learn a lot about social order. It's not unusual for more mature birds to use physical rebukes to punish young upstarts.

Hummingbirds can stay around mid-Michigan as late as October or November until all of a sudden they can't resist the urge to migrate south. There is no need to take down feeders to encourage them to leave. It is better if you leave them up and full of fresh nectar (changed at least twice a week) to help them build up their fat reserves for the journey south.  

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