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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Downy Woodpecker staring contest

At the end of summer certain bird species disperse from their family groups to form new winter groups. Sometimes even mixed species fly together for protection and to forage for food. But even though these birds work together to survive, right now there are scuffles and fights to determine hierarchy.

I come home every night to watch my Downy Woodpeckers on the peanut bell having a staring contest. They can remain frozen for minutes, just looking at each other waiting for the other to flinch. They do an occasional snake-like head waggle to get the other to back down but another bird approaching is what usually ends the “battle” for status in the group.

Socially dominate birds get first choice at where they want to feed and ultimately have higher rates of survival. They also get to choose better mates.

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